Our mission is to create a world where anyone can make a living teaching their craft.

LiveSpot is built on the idea that people who've spent hours honing their craft should be able to make a living teaching their expertise to enthusiasts who are aspiring to become better.

What we do

Right now, knowledge creators are underserved by existing platforms that are focused on attention and eyeballs. At LiveSpot, we are building a new model for creators to monetize their knowledge.

Rather than giving valuable content for free or building a course, experts use LiveSpot to host regular live sessions where they teach their craft while interacting with the audience. There's no curriculum with modules and assignments. Just fun, live sessions where enthusiasts connect with each other while interacting with their favorite creator.

Who we are

We are a small team who has built world-class products in education and entertainment for online communities at Twitch, Google, Pixar and Microsoft. We are backed by incredible investors including Long Journey Ventures, Accel, SV Angel, Cyan Bannister, Justin Kan, Kevin Hartz and Anish Acharya.


James Sun Product & Design


Ibrahim Ahmed



Edward Sun Engineering


Neil Bai



Phillip Ho Engineering


Furqan Rydhan Engineering